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Netquest System


The Netquest system allows to write networks protocols in a data centric and declarative language, Netlog, and to visualize theirs execution on dynamic network. Netlog language allows to write protocols, which are two orders of magnitude shorter than imperative programs. Nevertheless, their behavior is sometimes tricky to understand in dynamic networks. The graphical interface QuestMonitor allows to monitor all the communication between the nodes, the evolution of the data stores on each node, as well as the execution of the declarative code. It also allows to color the virtual data structures, such as routes, backbones, etc. It allowed us to identify flaws in programs. Together with the code editing facility, it constitutes a good tool for rapid prototyping.


Netlog runs on the Netquest Virtual Machine, which is coupled with an embedded Data Management System, DMS, which stores all the data as well as the bytecode of the Netlog programs. The bytecode is obtained by a compilation from Netlog into an SQL dialect. The Virtual machine makes calls to the DMS to evaluate the bytecode of the Netlog programs, which result in updates of the database, and production of messages. The machine has been shown to be portable over small devices, as long as they support an embedded DMS. More information here.


  • INRIA-LIAMA Beijing
  • Laboratory CITI, INSA, University of Lyon
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